Processing and characterisation of high-velocity suspension flame sprayed (HVSFS) bioactive glass coatings Ceramics – Silikáty 54 (1) 1-7 (2010) 5 agg...

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polypetides, coded by a single structural gene (Bradshaw et al., 1981). Several distinct isoenzyme bands of equal spacing are observed when a purified enzyme sample is analysed by starch or polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis. The isoenzyme showing th

2.1.1 Antibodies 15 2.1.2 Buffers 18 2.1.3 Chemicals 21 2.1.4 Centrifuges 23 2.1.5 Fluorescent labels 24 2.1.6 Gelsystems

isolation and characterisation of flavobacteria from wild and cultured freshwater fish species in hungary zsuzsanna varga1*, ... global warming,

The total irrigation potential is estimated as ... The groundwater conditions are ... network is used as base-layer to support mapping of waterlogging and soils

monodisperse with mass 5.6 kDa. We assign the chemical composition [Ag ... glutathione as ligand, quantum yields 8 and 3% respect-ively13,14) and Au 25(SR) 18 treated with Au(I)thiolate (quantum yield almost 2%15). These studies suggest that the surf

the steps of a chemical synthesis, the enzyme loss from the reactor or support decreases, and there is less risk of microbial infections. Organic media can also open up new catalytic reaction routes. For example, at a low water content, the equilibri

Development and characterisation of silicon microfluidic components and ... 2.3 Blood as sample analyte ... Recent advances in microscale blood separation

Vet. Med. – Czech, 50, 2005 (7): 300–310 Original Paper 301 been found in poultry and swine products, and re-cently more so in aquaculture products (especially

Preparation and characterisation of analcime powders M. Novotna1, V. Satava1, J. Maixner2, ... having a complex aluminosilicate framework that is common

12 Introduction Muscle is the largest metabolic organ and the main storage site of proteins in the body. Moreover, animal muscle tissue is the main source of dietary protein intake in a large part of